Swiss Cream Hash - INDOOR

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Discover our new Swiss Cream Hash, an exceptional resin that combines sweetness with a rich aroma.

  • Origin: Prepared in Switzerland in the canton of Valais.
  • Appearance: Its soft, oily texture makes it easy to handle and consume, inviting you on a unique sensory journey from the very first touch.
  • Smell / taste: The olfactory experience awakens memories with its nostalgic scent reminiscent of traditional hash, while its robust terpenes deliver unrivalled potency, enhanced by a refined peppery touch on the finish.
  • Effects: Enriched with 22% of CBD+, our Swiss Cream Hash promises deep relaxation, ideal for a soothing evening. Its calming and comforting effect is perfectly balanced for optimum well-being. This hash is the epitome of quality, designed to appeal to connoisseurs in search of an authentic resin that echoes timeless flavours.

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Swiss Cream Hash - Buy cannabis THCP Swiss
Swiss Cream Hash - INDOOR
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