What is cannabis? What is its practical application?

Medical use of cannabis.

Cannabis is a plant with many uses and effects, both medicinal and recreational. Its effects depend on the active compounds it contains and the way in which it is consumed. Cannabis definition Cannabis is a plant belonging to the genus Cannabis, which comprises three main species: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis. The [...]

Legalisation of Cannabis in Germany: A Radical Change in European Policy

The legalisation of cannabis in Germany

The legalisation of cannabis in Germany: This decision marks a significant development in cannabis policy in Europe, making Germany one of the most progressive countries on the continent when it comes to regulating the substance. From 1 April, German citizens will be able to buy cannabis legally and grow it for their own use.

Ski and CBD: A Dynamic Duo for Recovery and Well-Being

CBD, THCP, Swiss HHC and Ski

Skiing, a popular winter sport in Switzerland and Europe, places intense demands on the muscles, frequently leading to muscular pain. This pain is caused by the intense physical effort, the use of muscles that are usually less used in everyday activities, and the typical impacts of skiing. To better understand these aches and pains, it is essential to [...]

H4CBD, THCP, etc... What are these new terms that are springing up in the CBD world?


For several months now, new terms have been appearing in the CBD sales sector. It started with HHC, a molecule that has now been banned in France, followed by H4CBD and THCP. Let's take a look at all these new formulas to find out more. HHC: [...]