Swiss Premium Black Hash BIO CBD

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Swiss Premium Black Hash ORGANIC

  • Origin: Swiss Premium Black Hash BIO is produced in the canton of Berne, Switzerland, where high-quality flowers are grown indoors according to organic farming principles.
  • Appearance: This resin is compact and slightly oily, making it very easy to handle for optimum use.
  • Smell / Taste: With its pronounced taste, this hash offers an intense aromatic experience that will delight fans of authentic resins with a distinct character.
  • CBD content / Effects: Contains 30% of CBD. Primarily relaxing, this hash is ideal for those seeking deep relaxation, thanks to its properties derived from top-quality organic flowers. A must for connoisseurs looking for an exceptional experience.
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Swiss Premium Black Hash BIO is the latest addition to our range of hashes. This exceptional resin is compact, slightly oily and extremely easy to handle. It is made from premium Swiss organic flowers grown indoors in the canton of Bern. Offering a relaxing experience with a distinctive aroma, this hash is a must for connoisseurs. Don't miss out on this nugget.
Swiss Premium Black Hash BIO CBD
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