Kushberry THCP - Greenhouse

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Kushberry THCP - Greenhouse

Discover KushBerry Greenhouse, the latest addition to our THCP collection, where each majestic flower measures between 1 and 3 cm.

  • Origin: Grown in Switzerland in the Vaud region
  • Appearance: This variety stands out for its freshness and lightness, with an airy structure that enhances its characteristic orange hues.
  • Odour / taste: When burnt, it releases sweet, fruity aromas, true to the variety's reputation, for an enchanting sensory experience.
  • CBD content / effects: Enriched with 18% of THCP, KushBerry Greenhouse proves to be a robust option. Its potency is accompanied by deep relaxation and an exquisite palette of flavours, promising impeccable pleasure with every use.
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Kushberry THCP - Swiss cananabis THCP
Kushberry THCP - Greenhouse
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